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About Synergy Physical Therapy

At Synergy Physical Therapy, we are focused on your wellness. We do a 60 minute 1 on 1 appointment with you in a private treatment room to ensure we spend all the time focusing on your recovery. We specialize in treating back pain, neck pain and chronic pain associated with auto-immune disorders. Often, our clients include people who come to us and get better though they had been to several other Physical Therapy offices before with no relief.

We understand that each patient is unique. We do a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, listen to your thoughts and work with your referring physician for superior outcomes. We keep ourselves updated with new research and our physical therapy methods go beyond the traditional methods. We offer a wide variety of physical therapy skill sets to choose from to formulate the right treatment plan for you. We offer unconventional methods like Pilates based rehab, cupping, Aquatic Therapy and Shiatsu. Throughout the treatment, you will be actively educated regarding your injury and ways to self-manage when you are not doing physical therapy at our office.

We invite you to schedule your initial consultation and experience the difference.

Why choose Synergy Physical Therapy?

Synergy physical therapy is dedicated to excellence in physical therapy. It was formed with a vision to provide outstanding care and patient focused environment. Treatment is based on thorough evaluation and tailored to your needs and health goals. With 10 years of experience, you are sure to get the best care!
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