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I have come to approx 6 PT sessions and Priyanka was amazing! She got to the root of my problem opposed to just treating the symptoms! Also, she gave me stretches and exercises so I can continue to keep the problems at bay.

Margaret G.

I started working with Priyanka about a month ago. she came highly recommended by my chiropractor. I was so impressed by her knowledge and treatment of my leg that I am already out of pain,and on the right road to recovery because of correct instruction on proper use of my leg, along with exercises to build up strength so I can continue my passion of gardening.

I highly recommend Priyanka to anyone who hurts anywhere to get their bodies going in the right direction. She will be my go to person from now on.

Cheryl W.

I had been a patient with Synergy Physical Therapy for only a very short time when I began experiencing significant relief from herniated disks. This was after several rounds of PT with other therapy offices with limited results. The approach is gentle, yet targeted and effective. I appreciate the explications of care and treatment in laymen's terms. The use of Pilates for strength building and flexibility is useful and also adds and element of fun. I can't say enough about Priyanka Gupta and her staff. This is truly the cream of the crop in physical therapy!

Ellen S.

I was referred to Priyanka Gupta by my Rheumatologist for physical therapy regarding stenosis in my low back. She worked with me twice a week from March 24th to May 4th. She helped me learn many stretches to loosen up so the pain would go away and my core, low back, hips and legs would strengthen. Also, ways to help me keep my balance and feel more confident in not taking a fall. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything well as she taught me to take care of my body. I graduated yesterday with 99% of the pain gone and walking normally.

I would recommend her to anyone and very grateful to her for teaching me what I need to know to avoid pain in the future with my home exercise program.

Peggy P.

I was referred to Priyanka by my Rheumatologists, for severe neck pain. After several visits I have had significant pain relief, although I am not pain free at this time. Priyanka was excellent at communicating a course of action to follow, which should lead to further relief in the future. I was very impressed with her ability to diagnose the root cause and begin a course of treatment. Priyanka is very caring and personable, and I recommend her highly.

Rod R.

I was hit by a car while riding my bike this spring. I had been working with a chiropractor and massage therapist to help overcome pain and get my back and hips back into place. Synergy Physical Therapy brought the additional strengthening and relief of areas that seemed limited in mobility. Priyanka is a great listener and her observations all fit how I was feeling. Her personal touch and in depth knowledge met my needs and my treatment led to positive and speedy results.

Allison P.

In May this year,I had an auto accident and I suffered an injury to my neck. At the time I was suffering from constant mild pain in my neck and shoulders. My GP referred me to Physiotherapist. I have been a patient of Priyanka at Synergy Physical therapy and in my time spent she show and give fantastic professional advice and physio sessions.I would highly recommend her and her practice to anyone seeking treatment for neck, shoulder or joint injuries.

Rajinder S.

During and after pregnancy I developed a hip pain due to the way my ligaments are. I was in tremendous pain and could barely move or get any work done and if I did push through the day somehow; I would not be able to move till the next morning. I visited a specialist who recommended that I go for physical therapy to improve my back and hip muscles. Enter Priyanka Gupta!!!! She worked on my back and hip and about 3 months later I felt a considerable difference. She explained various exercises and also stretched out and massaged my problem areas to relieve pain. She also did strength training and even taught me some stretches to soothe the pain if it got bad at home. I would recommend and go back to her if I ever needed a physical therapist. Thankfully I have not needed one in over a year now.

Armaity I.

I owe a big portion of my health to Priyanka Gupta, as she has worked with me through a knee surgery and lower back pain. Priyanka is competent, focused and knowledgeable. She assured me with explanations that I could recover and worked on my flexibility and strength. I was impressed by her commitment to work out different exercises for me which were easy to do and very effective! I can't thank her enough and highly recommend her!

Mamta A.

When I first met Priyanka, I just told her about my pain in short. But with her experience she can actually know where is the origin of pain and what is the reason. Apart from her treatment she is very kind and helpful.

Prajakta P.

Priyanka is really good, has a holistic approach to getting rid of pain. I highly reccommend Synergy.

Plavi M.

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