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Cupping is a manual therapy technique performed by physical therapists for treatment of skin, soft tissue and muscles. Cupping is used to soften tight muscles and muscle attachments, loosen adhesions, and lift connective tissue. Cupping therapy can be modified to deliver a spectrum of techniques, from deep tissue release to lymphatic drainage. It works to separate fused tissue layers by loosening adhesions, thereby allowing muscles to function more smoothly and efficiently by eliminating unhealthy tissue waste and debris.

Cupping techniques can promote increased blood flow to body tissue and can stimulate the lymphatic system. Swelling and edema that is associated with injury and inflammation can hold toxins and fluid. Cupping can open the lymphatic system to help drain excess fluid and help the body reabsorb toxins through the lymphatic system. Cupping therapy is a versatile technique that compliments additional physical therapy techniques and can be incorporated into a patient treatment plan.

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