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Postural abnormality

Postural Abnormality

Posture is an ability to maintain an upright symmetrical position of the spine (head, neck, pelvis and limbs) during static positions such as sitting and standing as well as during movement. Your skeleton is designed to withstand the pull of gravity and support your body without expending much energy. When a person is unaware of its muscle functions there tends to be conditions of strains and pains due to not realizing how you are using your body. For example, a person that is repeatedly using a computer will be immersed in their work and lack the ability to control one’s movements and actions, resulting in strains and poor posture. The problem even exists for school children who fill their bags with heavy books and carry them on one shoulder resulting in poor posture and strains of the neck, shoulder, elbow etc.

Postural disorders refer to several types of abnormal posture. If you suffer from a posture disorder, your body is consistently out of alignment, increasing your risk for migraines, body aches, and balance issues. When you have poor posture, other structures like your muscles, joints, and spine have to compensate for the responsibilities of the skeleton. Poor posture forces your body to work harder to support itself when sitting, standing, or lying down.

Over time, the stress of poor posture can cause a number of different issues, including:

● Headaches

● Migraines

● Fatigue

● Short or shallow breathing

● Back pain

● Neck pain

● Impingement syndrome

● Shoulder pain

● Hip pain

● Knee pain

● Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain


One of our physical therapists will thoroughly evaluate your body, your current and past medical history, and your home and/or work environment. We’ll ask you about the set-up of your desk or office, the type of tools and equipment you use, the expectations and demands of your job, and a summary of your typical day. Based on all this information, we’ll be able to educate you on certain strategies that can help you manage your health better in your environment. Our Physical Therapists will help you with postural exercises to strengthen your core, shoulder, and back muscles. This gives your body the support it needs to maintain proper posture.

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